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A negotiation is a composition of components in which the negotiator directly represents one of the parties on a specific matter. Arbetsrättsexperten manages a significant number of negotiations every year. A negotiated solution is often preferred over legal processes, although a negotiation at an early stage does not preclude a legal process at a later stage in case the negotiations stall. Negotiations can still remain an appropriate approach in finding a suitable way forward, even in lawsuits and court proceedings. It is not unusual to hold extrajudicial negotiations in parallel to ongoing court proceedings. In addition, Arbetsrättsexperten has extensive knowledge and experience regarding negotiations and advanced negotiation techniques. Our negotiators have represented the Swedish government in both the UN and the EU, as well as regularly participating in negotiations and dialogue between the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the EU Commission, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the Swedish Transport Agency. In addition to international assignments, Arbetsrättsexperten represents clients in negotiations within the field of labour law on a daily basis. These often involve negotiations of employment separation packages.

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