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Services for the individual

Arbetsrättsexperten is a law firm specialising in labour law. We have extensive experience in conflict resolution between employees and employers.

Each year, the firm handles hundreds of cases for individual employees. Our lawyers work within all aspects of labour law. Our work includes providing assistance with disputes relating to employment terms, terminations and dismissals.

Our experts work as specialist negotiators in both large- and small-scale negotiations between employees and employers. Negotiations span the entire spectrum of topics and scope — everything from individual employees to C-level positions.

On a weekly basis, the firm’s lawyers resolve a large number of labour law disputes out-of-court whenever possible, but are always fully prepared to handle the matter in the courtroom when required.

Labour law

We represent individuals on matters relating to employment terms, compensation claims, agreements, breaches of agreement and rehabilitation issues. We often reach a resolution through extrajudicial negotiations. When required, we can represent your case in a court dispute against your current or former employer.

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Arbetsrättsexperten has extensive experience in representing employees in negotiations with their current or former employer. We often succeed in finding resolutions out-of-court. If a court resolution is required, we can represent you at every step until we reach the best possible outcome.

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A comprehensive approach

It’s not always easy to grasp all the laws and regulations related to contracts, rights and obligations within the employment market. Labour law is, in reality, a complex interconnection consisting of employment agreements, collective bargaining agreements, laws and customs. All of these components together comprise what we call case law. At Arbetsrättsexperten we are experts in all aspects of labour law. Our ability to take a holistic view on such matters means we are able to provide individuals with all the support they might need.

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