Expert competence within labour law


Negotiations between employer and employees


International experience

Are you competitive in nature? Are you a lateral thinker? If so, we are keen to meet you.

The team at Arbetsrättsexperten is a team of winners, which obviously does not just mean only winning on its own. It also means that each and every one of us — receptionists, secretaries and lawyers — all have a go-get-them personality.

Work at Arbetsrättsexperten is very varied. We always have our clients and their interests as our absolute and primary focus. Sundays, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day — our clients are always our priority.

Negotiations, strategic and tactical planning, legal investigations and court proceedings are just a few of a lawyer’s tasks.

The firm is involved all over Sweden and negotiates in any place in the country.

The key to success is to be a winning team. Our attitude and approach enables us to solve any challenge.

Our lawyers continuously develop their skills and expertise. In addition, the firm runs its own training courses in advanced negotiation skills.


I have worked with negotiation throughout my professional life, including representing entire industry organizations in the EU and participated in negotiating free trade agreements, but none have been able to match the negotiation team and especially the negotiation methodology and tactics provided by Arbetsrättsexperten Law firm.

Expert Negotiator, Karl Gustavsson


I had already worked with labour law for 15 years when I joined Arbetsrättsexperten, but it was only then that I first really came to understand labour law.

Jur.kand. Kristoffer Eriksson


Arbetsrättsexperten is a workplace characterised by pragmatism where a lawyer’s performance is based on the outcomes achieved for the client. It’s highly developing and inspiring for us lawyers; that the key is not to be right, but to win.

Jur.kand. Anna Lundgren