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Labour law is the area of law that concerns the relationship between employer and employee. Unresolved disputes in the workplace can lead to disruptions in production or other forms of interruption. These disruptions can normally be prevented or minimised with adequate expertise. If incorrect or insufficient measures are taken, the organisation risks conflict with trade unions or the emergence of other labour law disputes that, in the worst case scenario, can end up in the District Court or the Labour Court.

Swedish labour law is to a large extent based on individual agreements between employer and employee, or otherwise on collective bargain agreements between the labour market parties. Based on these basic conditions, there are aspects characterised by the prevailing customary law within your specific industry and circumstances that can arise through conclusive action. The framework is also characterised by applicable legislation which covers everything from employment protection regulations to rules preventing employees from making use of the company’s business secrets. The majority of regulation in the labour market does not, however, follow agreements, collective bargain agreements, customary law or legislation; instead, the regulations are governed by how these (often contradictory) different components shall apply and agree. This is controlled by the courts and can be established through thorough analysis of current case law on each topic.

Arbetsrättsexperten is a firm with expert competence in labour law. Our specialists play an active role as expert negotiators in large and small negotiations between employers and employees, or between employers and employee organisations. Negotiations involve the whole spectrum of activities, from handling specific employment conditions relating to individuals or employee groups, to negotiations between the company and senior executives such as the CEO, CFO or global and/or national managers at multinational and international groups. Arbetsrättsexperten is involved in all kind of labour law negotiations, regardless of company size or employee position and irrespective of whether the negotiations take place between Swedish parties in Sweden or between Swedish parties that operate wholly or partially in Dubai, India, New York or other parts of the world.

Lawyers at Arbetsrättsexperten are experts in Swedish labour law and active in negotiations, training and litigation where Swedish labour law applies on contractual relationships.

With our extensive experience and specialist competence, we are able to tailor operational solutions or training programs that are completely customised to your organisation and to your needs, whether it concerns separation of employment, the relationship with trade unions, handling of collective bargain agreements, negotiations with individuals or employee groups, reorganisations, non-compete clauses and limitations, business secrets, national or international establishments, employee-to-shareholder transitions and shareholder agreements, share option plans, bonus plans and contracts, and any other matter relating to Swedish labour law.

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