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Corporate Services

We count individual companies as well as multinational groups among our clients, entities that operate both in Sweden and abroad.

The firm works within all fields of labour law. Our lawyers are involved in matters such as employment terminations, corporation vs trade union relationships, and the handling of collective bargaining agreements.

We have solid experience when it comes reorganisations, international business establishments, and business relocations. Our capabilities also include matters relating to partnership agreements, stock option plans, bonus plans and other matters dealing with the transition of employees to shareholders.

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Arbetsrättsexperten is a firm with specialist competences within labour law for corporations. We assist companies with labour law matters on a daily basis such as employee terminations, dismissals and disputes. Our lawyers efficiently resolve matters out of court when possible and participate in court proceedings whenever necessary.

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Arbetsrättsexperten has comprehensive experience in negotiations in and out of the courtroom. We have contributed to a significant number of negotiations between employers and employees. Our negotiators have also advised the Swedish government as well as numerous industries and authorities in international matters.

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Comprehensive labour law

Regulations in the employment market are multifaceted. Employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, legislation and customary law are intertwined. What works in practice is reflected in current case law. Arbetsrättsexperten utilizes in a comprehensive and holistic approach within the field of labour law. Based on our extensive experience and expert competencies, we tailor effective solutions or training courses based on the needs of your organisation.

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