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Arbetsrättsexperten is a leading labour law firm in Sweden. We represent a large number of individuals, companies and authorities on a yearly basis.

Labour law is a broad and multifaceted area. There are always two parties to a dispute. We have extensive experience in representing either side of the negotiation.

Arbetsrättsexperten takes a comprehensive approach to labour law. Our experts assist individuals in labour law concerns against current or former employers. Similarly, our lawyers represent companies and organisations in employee matters and in interactions with trade unions, government authorities and EU institutions.

Our work approach is result-oriented and based on our own self-developed methodology. Combined with our legal team’s in-depth knowledge and advanced insights into the industry, we are always able to work for the best interest of our clients.

Our goal

At Arbetsrättsexperten, we always starbetsrättsexperten to achieve the best outcome regardless of the situation.

Unlike other law firms who focus on the client’s potential rights, Arbetsrättsexperten instead focuses on the client’s interests. You, as our client, are always our prime focus. Thereafter come your potential rights.

Our approach is considerably more pragmatic in relation to legal matters and negotiation challenges than is the case with other firms.

Some legal matters cannot be won due to inadequate rights; despite this, there often remain opportunities to reach success if alternative pressures are presented in a negotiation.

We call our method the Alternate Attack Path (AAP) and apply it as an alternative work approach when traditional approaches stall or if we face unforeseen delays.

Other methods applied by the firm vary from structured proof of evidence work to extensive legal measures that safeguard the client’s interests and potential rights.

Our goal is to win. If the playing field does not permit a win, then the firm aims to change the playing field.

Our mindset is always to win. Whether we represent individuals in work disputes or large international groups in negotiations with Swedish trade unions, this core philosophy always prevails.

Our approach has been successful over the years and we have largely achieved our client-oriented goals. Arbetsrättsexperten stands today one of Sweden’s leading front line negotiators and is widely regarded as a prominent expert firm within labour law.

Services for the individual

Arbetsrättsexperten’s lawyers represent individual employees in hundreds of cases every year. We are involved in practically every kind of case where the employee has a relevant claim against their employer or former employer.

Our assignments include:

  • Termination and dismissal matters
  • Settlement and severance negotiations
  • Court representations in work disputes
  • Compensation claims
  • Disputes relating to employment terms
  • Matters relating to employment benefits

Corporate services

Every year, Arbetsrättsexperten assist hundreds of companies in various legal matters. The firm handles practically everything within the labour law field.

Our assignments include:

  • Employment separations — terminations and dismissals
  • Planning and implementation of organisational restructuring
  • Trade union negotiations
  • Strategic employment matters
  • Business relocations to or from Sweden
  • Employment disputes in court
  • Assessment of competition limitations
  • Staff manuals
  • Policy documents
  • Representation at MBL negotiations (Co-Determination in the Workplace)

Arbetsrättsexperten further conducts a significant number of seminars. We can serve in an advisory and/or supporting capacity when it comes to designing the internal control structures for organisations.

International experience

With solid international experience, lawyers at Arbetsrättsexperten Law firm have, for example, represented as the leaders of a UN delegation in Geneva and in the EU in Brussels.

We have represented entire industry organisations affiliated with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in negotiations with the European Commission and individual member states.

Our international experience also includes business matters and organisations. Arbetsrättsexperten Law Firm has represented entire industry organisations against supranational groups as well as large international groups in front of national trade unions. Arbetsrättsexperten has negotiated on behalf of individual business leaders or companies against their labour law counterparts in London, New York, Dubai and elsewhere around the world.

Arbetsrättsexperten in brief

Services for the Individual

Every year, Arbetsrättsexperten assist hundreds of individuals in settlement and severance pay negotiations with their employers.


Corporate Services

Arbetsrättsexperten handles all type of labour law matters. We can assist your business with anything from employee terminations to more challenging employee matters, reorganisations, and work-related disputes.

International experience

Arbetsrättsexperten has represented the Swedish Government and many Swedish businesses in negotiations with the EU, EU institutions, and individual member states.

Our lawyers assist companies, business leaders and officials anywhere in the world.